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Power Planter 312 - Deep Cultivating

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    • Great for planting shrubs, deep cultivating, mixing concrete, potting mix and more.
    • Fits any cordless or corded drill with a 10mm or larger chuck size (very common)
    • Hand Welded in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty on Materials and Craftsmanship.
    • Heavy Duty (16mm) 5/8" solid steel shaft wont bend or twist out of shape
    • Great for cultivating compacted soil to a depth of around 250mm
    • 18v drill is recommended. Price does not include the Dewalt Drill shown in some images. The Power Planters attach to your own cordless drill. 
    To see an instruction video on how to set your drill up and the correct digging technique, please

    Need to ask a question? Please email mark@powerplanter.co.uk and he will look after you. 

  • All Power Planters are shipped from our UK Amazon Warehouse. We recommend you order through this website rather than Amazon, so that we can offer you good support and also a Lifetime Warranty on materials and craftsmanship.