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Power Planter 428H

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  • 4inch (10cm) wide by 28inch (70cm) long allows you to be standing whilst drilling the holes in soil.
    Being a larger auger it is recommend you use a 240v or petrol powered Drill (13mm chuck) with side handle and clutch to protect you against kickback. 
    It has a common 13mm (1/2inch) hex head. 

    Popular uses are:

    • Rapidly planting 4inch potted colour or similar pot size. (Also suitable for planting smaller tubestock where you want to improve the soil by adding compost to the hole)
    • Drilling multiple holes and moving sideways between them to cultivate the soil deeply
    • Drilling a 100mm diameter tunnel under a path
    • Tree Planting and applying fertiliser tablets deep into soil. 
    • Post Hole digging to exactly 4inches wide with minimal external soil disturbance. 
    • Mixing barrow loads of Concrete/mortar
    • Mixing fertiliser into soil mix
    • Mixing paint
    • Digging a trench for plumbing and irrigation - by drilling holes to required depth consecutively along the line and then remove any remaining soft soil with a trenching shovel or by hand. 


    N.B. We hope it is pretty obvious... but we better say it - The price does not include the Dewalt Drill shown in the demonstration images. The Power Planter can fit onto any standard Australian drills with a 13mm chuck. (eg. Ryobi, Bosch, Black and Decker, Hitachi, etc )

  • All Power Planters are shipped from our UK Amazon Warehouse. We recommend you order through this website rather than Amazon, so that we can offer you good support and also a Lifetime Warranty on materials and craftsmanship.