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Power Planter 2″x24" Termite & Tree Auger…

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  • Size Name:1/2-inch with heavy duty tip

    The 2"X24" Power Planter with a heavy duty tip is the professional landscapers choice for dramatically increasing efficiency when planting grass plugs, 4&6 pack annuals, or deep feeding and aerating trees and shrubs, along with installing termite bait stations. The added heavy duty tip is excellent for those less than desirable soils (heavy clay and loose rock).The 24" length eliminates bending. 2" diameter X 24" length, and 18" of thick durable 10 gauge flighting, with carbide tip, painted glossy black. 18V or greater with 1/2" drive drill needed. 100% Made in the USA!

    • Deep root fertilization and aeration; and install termite bait stations
    • Grass plug and small pack annual installation
    • Heavy duty 5/8" steel shaft with Non-Slip Hex Drive, Fits any 1/2" or larger drill chuck, with ABRASION RESISTANT TIP
    • The dirt removed is left around edge of hole in loose, easy-to-pack condition
    • 100% Made in the USA
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