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Power Planter 324HD

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  • 3inch (7.5cm) wide by 24inch (60cm) long with a Hardened Steel Tip (the same steel used on excavator teeth) and additional welding. Allows you to be standing whilst drilling the holes in soil. 
    This is the Professional Trade version. The right choice for frequent use or for abrasive ground. It has a solid steel shaft that wont bend of twist out of shape. 
    Popular uses are:

    • Planting Bulbs like Daffodills and others
    • Re-vegetation using 2-3 inch plant tube stock. 
    • Drilling multiple holes and moving sideways between them to cultivate the soil deeply
    • Drilling a tunnel under a path
    • Tree Planting and applying fertiliser tablets deep into soil. 
    • Mixing barrow loads of Concrete/mortar
    • Mixing fertiliser into soil mix
    • Mixing paint

     N.B. We hope it is pretty obvious... but we better say it - The price does not include the Dewalt Drill shown in the demonstration images. The Power Planter can fit onto any standard cordless drills with a 13mm chuck. (eg. Ryobi, Bosch, Black and Decker, Hitachi, etc )

  • All Power Planters are shipped from our UK Amazon Warehouse. We recommend you order through this website rather than Amazon, so that we can offer you good support and also a Lifetime Warranty on materials and craftsmanship.